Jun 13, 2016

My Love for Macro

In 2014 I decided to do a macro challenge and host it on Instagram. I was trying to use my mobile macro lens for my camera more. So I did the entire #MacroMay challenge with my phone. It was fun, but the images were mediocre, at best.

In 2015 I hosted the challenge again, but this time using my regular DSLR and my beloved Tamron SP 90mm macro with VC. THe image qualtiy was better, but I still needed/wanted to practice more.
Man, it was good to shoot macro every day. So therapeutic!

This past May I realized that while I love doing it, hosting the challenge on my business Instagram profile may not be the best idea. I decided not to start a personal Instagram account because I barely keep up with the social media on the business, let alone adding to that a personal account. So I did the challenge on my personal Facebook account and invited friends to share if they were inclined. #MacroMay proved once again to be the therapy I needed.

I love shooting macro. While I am no expert, I love shooting and sharing my work. You can only get better if you practice, right? You can learn from your shortcomings in your images. I am still feeling like there is a magical element missing and I cannot seem to find it just yet, but that isn't stopping me.

I bought my Tamron SP90mm macro with VC about two years ago. I absolutely love this lens. While I share that I use this lens on my images, I have not really shared my love for it with y'all.

If you are in the market for a macro lens, I cannot recommend this enough. The SP is Tamron's professional level line. Think of it as the equivalent of the L series in Canon. The VC in that name stands for Vibration Control. It helps! Trust me! I shoot handheld for all of my macro. That VC is a life saver!

So this is just me sharing without any ulterior motive or incentive. I love camera gear. I love talking camera gear. I love sharing about camera gear. And I absolutely love my Tamron SP 90mm macro so much that i wanted to share it with you. Do yourself a favor and at least research the Tamron before buying the Canon 100L or Nikon 105. I think of all of you as friends, and I have told all of my friends this lens is fantastic.

I honestly feel the auto focus works faster on the Tamron. It hunts less often for me. I have switched to primarily using manual focus for my macro work, but don't let the macro capabilities fool you. This focal length makes a great portrait lens, too! I cannot tell you how many times the Canon L left me frustrated.

Here are a few shots I took last month with it. While I shot every day, I don't want to bore you with all 31 of my images. So these are some of my favorites. ;)

If you ever have any questions about this lens or any of the other ones I won (I have quite a few Tamron lenses), please feel free to ask me. I used the money I saved buying the Tamron 24-70 with VC over the Canon version and bought this macro lens with it. Two lenses for the price of one. You can't beat that!

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