Jun 13, 2016

My Love for Macro

In 2014 I decided to do a macro challenge and host it on Instagram. I was trying to use my mobile macro lens for my camera more. So I did the entire #MacroMay challenge with my phone. It was fun, but the images were mediocre, at best.

In 2015 I hosted the challenge again, but this time using my regular DSLR and my beloved Tamron SP 90mm macro with VC. THe image qualtiy was better, but I still needed/wanted to practice more.
Man, it was good to shoot macro every day. So therapeutic!

This past May I realized that while I love doing it, hosting the challenge on my business Instagram profile may not be the best idea. I decided not to start a personal Instagram account because I barely keep up with the social media on the business, let alone adding to that a personal account. So I did the challenge on my personal Facebook account and invited friends to share if they were inclined. #MacroMay proved once again to be the therapy I needed.

I love shooting macro. While I am no expert, I love shooting and sharing my work. You can only get better if you practice, right? You can learn from your shortcomings in your images. I am still feeling like there is a magical element missing and I cannot seem to find it just yet, but that isn't stopping me.

I bought my Tamron SP90mm macro with VC about two years ago. I absolutely love this lens. While I share that I use this lens on my images, I have not really shared my love for it with y'all.

If you are in the market for a macro lens, I cannot recommend this enough. The SP is Tamron's professional level line. Think of it as the equivalent of the L series in Canon. The VC in that name stands for Vibration Control. It helps! Trust me! I shoot handheld for all of my macro. That VC is a life saver!

So this is just me sharing without any ulterior motive or incentive. I love camera gear. I love talking camera gear. I love sharing about camera gear. And I absolutely love my Tamron SP 90mm macro so much that i wanted to share it with you. Do yourself a favor and at least research the Tamron before buying the Canon 100L or Nikon 105. I think of all of you as friends, and I have told all of my friends this lens is fantastic.

I honestly feel the auto focus works faster on the Tamron. It hunts less often for me. I have switched to primarily using manual focus for my macro work, but don't let the macro capabilities fool you. This focal length makes a great portrait lens, too! I cannot tell you how many times the Canon L left me frustrated.

Here are a few shots I took last month with it. While I shot every day, I don't want to bore you with all 31 of my images. So these are some of my favorites. ;)

If you ever have any questions about this lens or any of the other ones I won (I have quite a few Tamron lenses), please feel free to ask me. I used the money I saved buying the Tamron 24-70 with VC over the Canon version and bought this macro lens with it. Two lenses for the price of one. You can't beat that!

Jun 11, 2016

Golden Hour Tee Shirt

I am a very plain Jane kind of gal when it comes to clothes. I usually wear a black top and jeans. Honestly, all of my tops are black except for a navy one. I am a wild child, I know. 

So when I saw the new Golden Hour t-shirt over at the Click&Co. Store I was surprised by how much I liked it. You see, it isn’t black. It has graphics and wording on it. But I like it! 

Click&Co. sent me one of the blue ones. I have had it for a while now. I wanted to wait to see how it held up to use, washing, and the daily grind that is my life. 

Here is a photo one of my kids snapped with my phone of me wearing the shirt. This is after having it for a month and frequent washings. It looks great still!! I have to tell you that this shirt is soooooo soft. With each wash it just gets more and more comfy. 

I have a size Medium. I am an average sized woman, not skinny and not large. Let’s face it, I could be thinner, but I don’t feel like it (I am lazy, I admit it). The shirt runs very true to size. I have not had any issues with shrinking from the washes, either. 
Since the shirt is a unisex style, it isn’t fitted and snug against your curves. This hides my sides muffin top very well. 

This is a photo from the Click&Co. website of the tee. It also comes in gray with white lettering. 

I highly recommend this top. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also very cute. I have had people ask e about golden hour at the stores, too. It is a great opportunity to mention that I am a photographer and talk about my business. Of course I then switch focus to my bag, but if you take clients for your photography business this could be a great icebreaker. 

Want one of these t-shirts for yourself? Of course you do! The awesome ladies over at Click&Co. have given you a coupon code to use.