Jun 6, 2014

The Journey bag Goes On Vacation

My family doesn’t take traditional family vacations.  Usually we go to my hometown in Texas and visit my family.  This year we decided the kids were old enough to take the vacation we have been talking about since I finally got pregnant with our first child 8 years ago…Disney World!!

So when you have quite a few camera bags to choose from, which bag do you decide to take to Florida?

Since we planned on hitting the beach I knew I wanted one of our larger bags, Heirloom or Journey.  The fact that I knew we would be trekking around the Magical Kingdom and Sea World with three children made the large pockets and water bottle pouch of the Journey a perfect fit. 

Under seat on plane

The Journey fit perfectly under the seat on the plane. It kept everything close to me and not in the hands of baggage handlers. Scary!!!

Squirt bottle

I bought a small squirt bottle to fill with water so I could mist the hot kids while we were exploring the amusement parks.

squirt bottle inside

The squirt bottle fit perfectly in one of the front flap pockets. Actually it fit so perfectly, I completely forgot I had it the entire time we were at Disney World. Whoops!

Loaded up

Here is my bag all loaded up on the outside. Yes, the water bottle is in the pocket on the left side and my checkbook style wallet is in the pocket on the right side.


Here is what I had in the bag the entire visit (not on the plane with the liquids).

Journey at the Magic Kingdom

I carried the bag through the Magic Kingdom while my husband and I kept track of three wandering kids through the crowded park. Carrying the bag all day was so easy.  

Magic carpet ride

I took the Journey bag on the rides with me. Here she is on the Magic carpet ride while my girls and I flew around like Jasmine.

Shutterbag meets Ninja Turtles

The Journey even got to meet a few celebrities at the Nickelodeon Hotel! Note to self: when having your husband take a photo of you, please remember all of the posing techniques you have learned to avoid double chin, fat arm, and the overall bloated look.

On hotel bed

But at the end of the day when we made it back to the hotel, the Journey bag looked waaaaaay better than I did.  Look at how gorgeous she is. On the other hand, I was a hot, tired mess. 

If you want to see more photos and features check out the Shutterbag Journey bag on our website.

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