May 29, 2014

My New Office for Shutterbag!

I have gotten told many times that Shutterbag seems like a bigger company than it really is. Because it is me doing the sales, customer service, social media, packaging, and shipping. Well, my kids do like to help with the packaging and shipping part, too. Then there is my husband that monitors the spreadsheets to make sure I don’t go completely nuts.  Because let’s face it, I have big dreams. It is his job to reel me in at times and make sure I go for those big dreams one step at a time. 


I always say that we are a family. So come into my home and see my new office!

Up until now I was working at a desk in the corner of my bedroom. I had bags stored in gigantic Rubbermaid containers in a spare room.  When I got an order I would go down there and get a bag and then package it on my dining room table. Sounds like a high class operation, doesn’t it?


Well the spare room was just sitting there. It is at the opposite end of the house in an area that the builders of the house converted from the original garage, back in 1973. It was ugly. Very ugly. I called it the junk room. You know that drawer in your kitchen called the ‘junk drawer’ because it is full of crap you don’t know where to put? This room is that junk drawer.

Before – I told you it was from 1973 – Winking smile

Office 3


office 7


office 5


office 6


office 4


office 8

I wanted to make sure I took the same angles and shots, so you could see the true before and after. Sorry all of the photos are kind of crummy. I grabbed my phone and snapped away. Isn’t that fantastic…a photographer just uses her phone to get these shots. But in my defense I wanted all of my gear far from the paint as possible.


Now I have settled in. My computer is up and going on its new desk. The cabinet areas behind the slatted doors (yes, I painted each one of those slats with primer and then two coats of paint) hold my printer, scanner, and other stuff. The floors will be painted later this summer. I still have more planned for this space. ;)


This is my new packaging station.  The tissue paper is hanging up on a curtain rod. The desk has all of my tape, pens, markers, and logo stickers in the drawers.  No more dining room table.  This is the first bag I packaged on this table, too.  {Thank you Apryl for your order!}


So while I am still very much small time and have not added anything to my operation, I have a new area to call all my own for Shutterbag.

Thanks for coming over and taking a peek at my new office. Next time I will have some coffee ready.  :)