Apr 17, 2014

Shutterbag Family Feature: Eat Your Beets

This is the first installment of a series I am so proud to share. I have always said that we have a Shutterbag family, not customers.  We are a community and family, so why not introduce you to each other?! We are going to feature and share a Shutterbag family member, her bag, and her a glimpse into her life. 

Meet Trisha Hughes, author and owner of Eat Your Beets.


As a busy mom of four kiddos, my first camera quickly became a huge part of my every day life. By the time I learned how to shoot in manual I quickly realized that my camera was like one of my children - it needed to follow me almost everywhere I went.

I wanted to be able to capture the ordinary moments in time with my kids but also saw how challenging it was to bring my camera along with me. It never seemed to fit properly in any bag I owned (& I tried them all). I was always worried about my camera getting wrecked or at the minimum covered in raisins or diaper cream. But I also realized I needed a bag that didn't scream 'diaper/camera bag'. I needed a bag that didn't scream 'exhausted mother headed your way'. I wanted to feel stylish & put together (even if I wasn't) & I wanted a bag that could say that from a mile away.


After the birth of my 4th kiddo, I realized it was even more important to start making time for myself. I was naturally putting the needs of everyone else above my own & something was missing. It was me. I had forgotten to take as much time & care with myself as I was taking with everyone else so I searched for an outlet where I could express myself as both mommy & modern woman. Out of this search came Eat Your Beets. I realized, for the first time after being a professional mom for 8 years, it was ok for me to start thinking about life outside of our kiddos again. I knew that eventually my kiddos would all go off to school & it would be time for me to decide what I wanted to be when I was all grown up. I would have hours in the day I wanted to fill & I wanted to lay the groundwork for that now. I saw that I had ideas that others shared & I could put them out into the world & have other mothers respond with a resounding 'YES, we agree'! It was exhilarating to realize that I possessed a gift for communicating with people & helping them achieve their goals of healthier family meals or getting out of their yoga pants into some great jeans to feel better about their post baby bodies. I found that not only was I passionate about healthy eating, I also wanted to empower women to enjoy their beauty. The beauty they posses right now, no matter their size, no matter their hang ups, no matter the inner voices who might be saying they weren't enough. I wanted to show women that simply by feeding their families well, they would feel well & that would shine through them. What they wear would just be an extension of that wellness.



I was also ready to meet me again. Not just the mommy me, but the me who gets excited about her favorite song on the radio; who likes to eat messy ethnic food with her hands. The me who swoons over a pair of finely crafted, leather shoes. And I needed to search for wardrobe pieces that could merge the two parts of me together seamlessly. I needed a bag that evoked style, class & strength - everything I hope to signify. I needed a 'carry all the things' bag. Something that could handle my camera, my personal mom necessities & also be a travel case for my family! I tote toys, snacks & even my husband's wallet sometimes! On the flip side, I wanted my bag to function as a mobile office. I wanted it to be able to hold my iPad or laptop safely, my journal & any chargers. I needed a bag that could do everything I do. I needed one bag that could do it all.


When my best friend introduced me to her Shutterbag I fell in love. This bag was nothing like the other camera bags I'd tried before & I knew instantly it was so much better. This wasn't some bag that was thrown together. It was soft & supple & the quality was evident with the use of real leather. I admit, I'm a sucker for quality! I finally felt like I'd found the bag I'd been searching for & it didn't take me any time to settle on the Cabriolet. I fell in love with it's effortless charm. The way it looks so relaxed & polished at the same time. It looked exactly the way I wanted to be seen & I knew I had to have it. I can tell you now, the Cabriolet is the only bag I carry - even if I've left my camera at home! And the place I get the most complements on it? The grocery store! I love that style & quality are things I don't have to compromise & I can look as put together as my beautiful bag on any given day, even if I'm only hitting Costco or the school pick up line.


Head over to Trisha’s website and sign up for her newsletter to get delicious healthy recipes and great tips.  She also has a free ebook with Green Smoothie recipes!


  1. Great read. Now I know what to call myself, a "professional mom." Love the term! I'm crossing fingers to get a DSLR camera for Mother's Day and then will have to look into Shutterbags to carry it with me.

  2. This is a great idea for your blog. Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to hear other people's stories.

  3. Where can I find this style? I love this bag and its NOT on the product list! Anyone?

  4. Will this bag be back?