Apr 1, 2014

Red Thread Sessions

Today is April 1st. So many people are playing pranks and trying to avoid them.  But today has a very different meaning for me and it will for the rest of my life. One year ago today the adoption of our youngest daughter was finalized.  That’s right, on April Fool’s Day.  I told the social worker that if it was a joke, she would not be happy with my response.

You see, our daughter came to our family through foster care. So for years we had to struggle emotionally with the fact that she could be returned any day. We had reunified children to their birth parents before, but she was different.  She was very special to us.  She was ours (but not technically). We picked her up at the hospital when she was two days old. Yep, two days old. Our house and our family is all she has ever known. Visits with birth family were very sporadic. They had very little interest and never complied with any rules. So we were hopeful adoption would be an option.

Adoption finalized

This is my family one year ago today becoming official.  We finally had the paperwork to match what our hearts said all along. I promise the kids were excited, they had just had enough of sitting still and quietly in a courtroom.


Adoption can be such a beautiful thing.  There are definitely angles and sides to it that are heartbreaking.  But a family finding the piece that has been missing, or the child finding that family to love and care for it…that is beautiful.


Have you heard of Red Thread Sessions?  They are an organization with volunteer photographers that take family portraits for adoptive families.  You can read about them and how/why they started their journey to serve adoptive families.

They help the family feel that unity and completion of the long journey. If you would like to volunteer your services, please check out their volunteer page to find out more information.  It lays it out nicely about the responsibilities and the application process. I highly encourage you to think or pray about applying.  It is such a great cause.


Has adoption touched your life? I would love to hear about it, please let us know!

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  1. Hi, Kim! Brittany from Sweet Nectar Society told me to reach out to you, as we have a couple of things in common-- our love of photography AND adoption. I just wanted to say hi! You have a beautiful family. :)