Apr 14, 2014

Mystery Macro Monday 4-14-14


It’s time for Mystery Macro Monday. Can you guess what it is????



Today starts a new chapter in Mystery Macro Monday.  I have been sharing photos for over a year now each week asking if you can guess what it is. It is so much fun and I want to join in on the guessing, too.  So I am inviting you to share your mystery macro shots with the rest of us.  Just post them to our Facebook page wall.  Be sure to add them onto the wall and not in a comment, because then responses could get pretty confusing for guesses. 


I love the community we have built and think this could really be a lot of fun! So get your macro lens, close up filters, Olloclip on your phone, or even a zoom lens and crop in.  I cannot wait to see what you have to share!!!



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