Mar 14, 2014

The New Bag’s Name Is…


That’s right, the new bag’s name is Journey. This name was suggested by Annie Fox-Galalis during our “Name It and Win It” contest. Annie, you have won this bag*. You can email me at

I think this name is so fitting for the bag. I would be so honored if a SHUTTER|bag was the bag you chose to take on your photography journey with you.

There were so many fantastic suggestions and I want to thank everyone for joining in. So I have created a discount code for pre-ordering the Journey bag. Simply use THANKYOU at checkout to receive $30 off your pre-order.

You can see the Journey on our website here.



The Heirloom is coming back. Back in black!

We cannot seem to keep this gorgeous bag in stock, in any color. You asked when it would be restocked in black and it is coming. So you can pre-order your black Heirloom now and use the discount code to save, too! That is right. Simply use code THANKYOU at checkout to receive $30 off your pre-order.

You can see the Heirloom on our website here.


Now please understand that these are pre-orders and the bags are expected to ship out on April 8th to their new homes. This date could change if unforeseen delays occur. All orders will be notified of any status changes. Discount code is only valid for pre-orders and when the bags arrive, the code will be deactivated.


*The winner has to claim her prize within 30 days or it will be forfeited.

Mar 10, 2014

Mystery Macro Monday - March 10, 2014


It is no secret how much I love macro photography. On our Facebook page I have been posting mystery macro photos and asking for guesses on what the subject is. I have done this for quite some time now. I am going to start sharing them here on the blog, too. 

If you would like to take a guess as to what the subject of the photograph is, I would love for you to play along.  You can also guess on our Google+ page, twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  I share it on all of the profiles.  I want everyone to be able to participate. 

So can you guess what this is???


I would love to see your guess, so please share it in a comment or connect with us via social media to answer.